Saturday, October 3, 2009


Working has eaten up 3/4 of my day. Anyway, so far I'm still in love with my job lol. Most of the jobs are dealing with adv stuff which I pretty interest in. Frankly speaking, when I see how other designers work, GOSH, i realized things that I used to learn before was just 0.34767854 out of 100. LOL.

Anyway, one of my colleague is going to leave, today. A simple farewell is a MUST as she had been working so hard in the past 3 years when I'm still a student who lazing around like nobody business. hahahahahaa. wad a shame yet it's the most wonderful part in my life =( hah.i misssssssssssssssssss =(

Shang-ri-la buffet plan had been called off in the very very very freaking last minutes. The reason is simple, simply bcoz it's closing on today for the lunch session. FINE. Chilis, one u, there we go. Eat to my fullest as I'm in a bad bad mood today =(

Okay...Regret to be so tiam jiak in the past one hour. I'm feeling sososo sleepy at the time back to the office. How I wish I could just lay down on the sofa and have my comfort nap. Anyway, workloads waiting me, so, say byebye to the sofa.

A busy day.
Very very very very very BUSY until I can hardly breath.

Finally it's over and..........Let's party tomorrrowwwwwwwwww
celebrating someone BIGBIG day ..................and will get back to work on sunday TT.

kate, who is leaving us + leroy.

kate with sam.

kate with rapheal, the talented one.

designers, we are.
ignore the tanduksss behind.

my turn.

poser sial.
always saying himself tera -_-" but yes he


take two.

camwhore bit on the seat . too full to move.

everyone's done.

get back to work.

laze around first =P



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

" I wanna be a model "

First of all, don't get shocked by the title, I'm not saying myself anyway.LOL.

All the way down to shah alam to support "I wanna be a model" show which broadcasted live on 8tv that night. Hongyi was the one who ajak-ajak us to go, soooo JOM laaaa :D

Although I'm not a big fans of the model-kind-of-show, but I found out that it's a great great show after that night. As for the whole show, the part which totally get my FULL attention is the photo-shooting part. When a creative talented photographer meet a gorgeous talented model, for sure the outcome is awesome. Great concept, great lighting, great composition, everything is just perfectly done.

"Never shoot a photo, but to create a photo" what mr chek mak had taught us before. With the theory, there comes all the awesome pieces of the night which I got no photos here and can't share with everyone.LOL :D:D:D

departing from one u.
we all are in yellowwww as they said the whole team of supporter MUST in yellow. To show teamwork , maybe? -_-"

3s guy.

travis. "si si man man" one


the two who langgar rules. can't find any YELLOW in them.

the guai one. lol.

yellow team.
" hellowww...whats wrong with my digi number yea?!"

the winner. They deserved it.

after the show.

should be focusing on their photography. shit.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday night.

Meet up everyone at TGI sunway for gan li meow birthday celebration =D . It's been a loooong loong time since we last meet during the convocation day. The everyone here means chunjun, gan, yulin, seemin............and many more, mostly the MI-ians.

Updating each other with our recent life, eating and also eating. I was way too hungry cause havent been biting something throughout the day.LOL.

outfit of da day.

the late comer.

the two.

hongyi shyyi haoseng chunjun.


birthday girl banyak pattern. lol.

the big group.

\/ \/ \/

getting thirsty.

hiak hiak hiak.

working day tomorrow, hence speed up to finish up the drinks.

obviously the plan of going bek home early, failed.
kayu.mamak at kelana jaya.


Monday, September 14, 2009

we love weekend.

Working life doesn't seems to be really lifeless perhaps. Weekend are the days we waiting for, and of cause, not wasting it. lol.

Last x2 weekend we had some lil chill out time at laundry, curve, right after the great thai food at kota damansara................................. no picture taken on that day, so......skip!! :D ( btw its a great nite dancing randomly on the almost-empty-stage after few shots of loooong island :P )

Let's get back to the last saturday story. Decided to try out Alexis at the garden after hearing so much good feedback from there. Glad to say that, the food there wasn't turn us off and at da same time, those old day jokes simply make us LOL all nite long.....never really get bored repeating them again and again....hahahahahahahaha =X

Little taiwan!!! spend our time there while waiting for the movie time, which is 12am. THE UGLY TRUTH we watched. It's a good movie I can say, not those movie which you have to spin your head thinking and guessing, but those movie which you can relax laugh and cry. lol. The truth is always dat ugly, sometime we just gotta admit and face it =(

Headed back home at 4am, wtf. HUGE rain causing me eye blur while driving home. Imagine that I only drive 20 all da way home.hahahahahahaha. wad a mid nite wet drive.........with raymond beside. lol.

picture do the talking . alexis, garden.


ahyao is trying to push me away but obviously, failed.

before the food served or maybe before we really go through the menu i

introducing the new friend of the day, Damian.

introducing ...........the food.

can't decide wad to eat can?!

the joker of our inside joke .hahahahaha.

hongyi looked like so lazy to take photo.swt.

cheryi joining us for dinner and being a bit shy shy =P

bersama-sama kita orang.


sticking together.

gile poser.

my forever drinking kakisss.

a girl who never failed to kek si wa.

jom jom. It's time for movie everyone.